Health and Safety Policy

We are commited to ensuring any building, construction, refurbishment and interior work carried out on our behalf is done so without risks, so far as reasonable, practicable, to the health and safety of our employees and others.

We will ensure that all work is planned in advance with relevant standard and statutory provision regarding all aspect of health and safety of our employees and clients.

We will provide all the necessary information, training, preparation of all projects.

We will provide a healthy and safe environment to work. Training will be provided to learn how to identifying hazards and the risks assessments.

We will provide a safe system of working, information, training and instruction.

The responsibility is a must for all employees to comply.

Environmental Policy

Fynnex Company Limited recognises the need to deliver function in more environmental manner and which more accurately reflect the need of people around health policy, stress awareness, contract detail accident reporting, and occupational health statutory obligation in respect of health and safety and welfare at work of its employees and others affected by it’s activities.

Developing polices procedures and standards, monitoring and inspecting workplace and investigating accidents, incidents and occupational ill health providing health and safety training and promoting occupational health and sustainable development.

Fynnex Company is commited to plan for sustainable development into next the century. Sustainable development has been defined as development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs. It is an approach which recognises the important and the inter- dependence of economic, social and the environmental needs in the future development.

Fynnex Company will look at tools, techniques, standards and methods needed for sustainability and help to discover which is most appropriate to implement.

We are aware of any exposure and the cost that our clients may face resulting from contamination of the property.

Environments reports and site risk assessments information presented in a concise easy to use liability report, with clear assessment of environmental.

We also assess the effects of material on the environment and advice where possible the alternatives.

We are commited of giving a clean bill of health of projects before we commence work and after we finish. We are also commited in the interest of staff intends to instruct on environmental search and report for any project.


ENERGY: Ensuring that equipments are swiched off when not in use. Using low energy light bulbs and promoting energy efficient practices.

Planning to invest in energy efficient technologies, use the fund that would otherwise use to offset carbon emission.

TRAVEL: Measuring all business mileage and incorporating into carbon footprint data. Ensuring public transport is used where possible and limits car uses.

WASTE: Use glass / mugs instead of disposable cups etc. We are committed to recycling papers, cans, toner cartridges and electronic equipments, monitoring and measuring recycled waste.